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GREAT FOOD has never been so REWARDING


K.C. Hopps, Ltd. believes that great taste should be rewarded. Introducing the Guest Rewards Program – where loyalty and great taste in food and drink are rewarded with points that can be used towards free food and beverages! You will also be eligible for special discounts that are exclusively for members only.




Earn discounts towards future dining plus great prizes and special awards!


  • Enroll now and get an official membership card and $10 will be added to your card when you register online.
  • Every time you dine at a participating K.C. Hopps restaurant, you’ll receive one point for every dollar you spend (excluding tax and tip).
  • Receive updates on special events and discounts given only to Guest Rewards members.
  • Get 1/2 price appetizers Mon-Fri 4-6pm. (DINE IN ONLY)
  • Every Monday from 6-10pm, earn Double Rewards Points at ALL K.C. Hopps restaurants.
  • Buy 6 growlers and get the 7th FREE – at the 75th Street Brewery location only.
  • Maximum point accrual per visit will not exceed 2500 points.


Ready for REWARDS?

Becoming a Guest Rewards member is simple.

  • Just tell your server that you want to join at any K.C. Hopps restaurant.
  • Pay the server the $10 enrollment fee.
  • Start using your card immediately to accumulate points.
  • Register your card online. (You will receive a $10 credit on your card when you register)

Registered members receive the following benefits:

  • $10 added to your card
  • Free dessert on the month of your birthday
  • Promotional discounts sent via email
  • Information about special events at all K.C.Hopps restaurants
  • The ability to check your account balance and status online
  • Eligibility for future discounts & promotions
  • The ability to redeem your loyalty dollars
  • Protection against lost cards

When can I get started?

Start rewarding yourself right away! Begin using your Guest Rewards card immediately. Your membership is valid the entire life of the program.

How do I Register?

  • Just visit our website: and “click” on the Guest Rewards link and then “click” on New Member Registration. Or Click here!
  • To set up your account, follow the simple instructions.

How do I earn, redeem and spend my points?

Present your Guest Rewards card when you pay the bill and receive one point for every dollar you spend (excluding tax and tip). Every time you use your card, you can receive an account balance on your receipt. You can also check your account online any time as soon as you register. Points will accumulate on your card as you use it, and you can redeem the dollars you have available at any of our restaurants. The prize dollars can be used to buy food and beverages. See the table in the next column for point conversion amounts.



Guest Rewards Points Conversion Table



What about Guest Rewards updates?

We’ll keep you up to date and in the know via email, so make sure we always have your current email address. Simply log on our website and update your account information anytime (K.C. Hopps does not sell information to other companies). We do, however, periodically send coupons and discounts exclusive to K.C. Hopps Guest Rewards members.



What if I have questions?

Simply call the K.C. Hopps, Ltd. office at 913.322.2440. Or, you can email us at:



Program Terms and Conditions

  1. Only the person paying the bill may be credited with the points for the purchase. You must present the card at the time of purchase to be credited with points.
  2. Points are not awarded on complimentary or discounted portions of the bill.  Points are awarded on the portion of the bill you paid for only. Forms of payment included cash, credit card and KC Hopps Gift Cards.
  3. The Guest Rewards points are not redeemable for cash and are non-transferable.  Points do not expire, but start over after 2500.
  4. For Security purposes you must register your card online on our website.  Lost or stolen cards cannot be replaced unless the card has been registered.
  5. In order to redeem points and receive your $10 sign up reward, you must register your card online at If you don have internet access please call our office to register at 913.322.2440 .
  6. Points are accumulated and earned for each dollar spent (excluding tax & tip) at all KC Hopps, Ltd. restaurants (excluding gift card purchases). Certain restrictions apply.
  7. To qualify for points on private party functions,you must be an active member before booking the party and accrual cannot exceed 2500 points per visit.
  8. The card is not valid at the bar or in the dining room without a tab.
  9. KC Hopps, Ltd. reserves the right to add or withdraw participating restaurants, to make changes in the rules or prizes, and to terminate the program at any time without advance notice.
  10. Federal and State tax liabilities remain the responsibility of the cardholder.
  11. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older to become members.
  12. If the program is experiencing technical difficulties, points will continue to accrue and will be applied to the account once the program is up and running. Redemption’s will not be allowed until all technical difficulties have been resolved.
  13. Employees and partners of KC Hopps, Ltd. are not allowed to participate in the Guest Rewards program.


Q:  How do I get a Guest Rewards card?

A:  You can purchase a card for $10 at any KC  Hopps location. You can only sign up for a card at the restaurant, not online.  $10 will be loaded onto your card automatically once your register it online at Click here.


Q:  Do I have to have my card with me in order to add or use points?

A:  Yes

Q: How can points be added to my account if I do not have my card with me?

A:  You may send an e-mail through the KC Hopps website under “Contact Us” or call the KC Hopps Home Office at (913)322-2440 with the following information:  (1)The restaurant you visited (2) Your check number (3) The subtotal before tax and tip. We cannot accept receipts past 30 days after your visit.


Q:  What happens if I lose my Guest Reward Card?

A: You may send an e-mail through the KC Hopps website under “Contact Us” or call the KC Hopps Home Office at (913)322-2440 to request a replacement card be mailed to you.


Q:  Will my points already earned be available if I request a replacement card?

A:  Yes, as long as you have registered your Guest Rewards card online, all your previous information and available rewards will be automatically transferred to the replacement card.


Q:  What should I do if I find my original Guest Reward card after I have requested a replacement card?

A:  Please throw away the original Guest Reward card as it will be deactivated when your information is transferred to the replacement card.


Q:  May I purchase Gift Cards with my rewards earned on my Guest Rewards Card?

A:  Guest Reward points may be used for food and beverage purchases only.  You may add points to your Guest Reward card from a dinner paid for with a Gift Card.


Q:  Will my server already know to add points to my Guest Rewards card at the end of my dining experience?

A:  No.  Please specify whether you would like to add points from your purchase or use your rewards towards your purchase.


Q:  May I add points from my purchase as well as use points towards my purchase at the same time?

A:  No.  You may only do one or the other per visit.


Q:  How do I keep track of my rewards available if I do not have access to a computer on a regular basis?

A:  For your convenience, we have several options available to keep track of your rewards:   Ask your server to perform a Balance Inquiry at any time during a visit to one of KC Hopps’ 13 locations.    Call or Email the KC Hopps Home Office at (913)322-2440 or


Q:  Does my Guest Reward card have en expiration date?

A:  No.  Once you purchase a Guest Rewards card and become a registered Guest Rewards member there is no expiration.


Q:  What do the HH Half App points mean?

A:  As a Guest Reward Member you automatically receive the benefit of ½ price appetizers Mon-Fri from 4pm-6pm (dine in only).  This number of HH Half App points shown on your account is used for tracking purposes by the K.C. Hopps, Ltd. Home Office and does not affect your Guest Reward points earned.








































































  • 75th Street Brewery
  • Barley's Brewhaus
  • O'Dowd's Little Dublin
  • Blue Moose
  • 810 Zone
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